Dig Stories

Any Spiritual Archaeologist may feel free to submit a personal experience of a Dig to be reviewed for display on our website.
Please follow the guidelines below.

Consideration for inclusion within
The Spiritual Archaeologist Book

In future editions of The Spiritual Archaeologist book, we intend to include a variety of our member’s Digs for the purpose of inspiring and clarifying aspects of the Dig.

We primarily wish to show how Divine Love revealed existing emotional pain and created The Shift of energy from pain into Love.

From the submissions that are published on our website, we will select various ones that we feel will create a connection with future readers and convey the various successes of each phase of The Dig.

We would Love to hear from each of you.


  • We prefer that details are not labored over beyond conveying the basic story, for it’s not the details we are focused on but the transformation of pain into Love.
  • We will not publish any last names, just first name only.
  • We reserve the right to modify a story so as not to divulge any private information that we deem unnecessary for the story to have an impact.
  • In consideration of others, we will not publish information about anyone else within your story.
  • There is no financial compensation for stories that are published.
  • Once submitted, the story becomes the intellectual property of The Spiritual Archaeologist and the writer relinquishes all claims of ownership. This is so nobody can file a lawsuit against us for using the story in our publication.