Journey Map Intro

This is an introduction to The Journey Map.  It is the first of three sections so you can get a taste.


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Create a fun title for your Journey Map that will sum up this journey in a few words, similar to the title of a movie or a chapter of a book. This is more for fun and also a way to refer to your multiple maps.

1. The Title

LAYER 1 of 3:

Conscious Mind

These are the thoughts and perceptions we are clearly aware of and have voluntary control over. It is primarily attuned to the physical realm, which includes our body, and has a strong outward focus due to the five senses continually feeding our brain with external stimuli through our nervous system. The cerebral cortex is continually analyzing and concluding based on these limited physical sensory perceptions, which works perfectly as designed when applied to the physical realm.

The Conscious Desire

What do you want? Choose one desire for the Journey Map to focus on. It should be a tangible person, place or situation within the physical-world you wish to see manifest. Avoid being ambiguous like travel or excitement, the more specific, the better. This does not include inner values such as love and happiness.

Examples: I Want...

“a successful career in computers, to travel to Europe, to be sober, to be in physical shape, a yacht, to be a yoga instructor, to be a Journey Map Coach, to increase my income, to get married, to have children, to buy a house, to be a politician, a youtube channel, make money online...”

Examples Not: I Want...

“Love, peace, happiness, emotional stability, adventure, security, to be admired, I want what I want when I want it. These are to ambiguous.”

2. What is your Conscious Desire?

The Object of Desire

The physical-world object or situation to focus your Conscious Desire on attaining. Without a specific object of focus, your efforts will wander and your desires will remain unfulfilled.

It can be a thing, a person or a situation (not inner values like love or peace). The object itself becomes the outward symbol that reflects your inner desire. The pursuit of a tangible object allows you to discern when you attain it, or not.

The striving for a physical object will reveal the rules of the universe you will need to adapt yourself to or suffer the consequences of the agony of defeat. Are you willing to become the person required to obtain and keep the object or is the personal price too much to pay. You will either obtain the object or abandon its pursuit, but either way, with the Journey Map your deeper Unconscious Drive will be fulfilled.


“A job at XYZ Corporation, a spouse, a child, 54ft Catamaran, ticket to Europe, Yoga certification, College, Extra income, the money to pay for health treatments, cancer free, become a spiritual practitioner...”

3. What is your Object of Desire?

You want something from your object, but what does it want from you?

Now we consider what specific rules of the physical-universe your Object of Desire has setup in order for you to obtain it? Who does it want you to become?


“I'll need money to buy it, training for the skill necessary, I'll have to move, a team to help me, a car, discipline, tools, a computer, I have to jump through all its hoops...”

4. What does the Object of Desire want from you

What will you have to change in order to satisfy your Object of Desire's requirements.

5. What changes does your Object of Desire require of you?

The Conscious Arc:

The physically and externally oriented transformation from who you are into a person capable of attaining and keeping the Object of Desire.

By knowing and adhering to what your Object of Desire requires of you, you will become someone new. To change in the physical realm, you will need to acquire something new like a skill-set, money, property, a boat, a car, a partner, muscles...


“A website developer, a yoga instructor, a world traveler, a spiritual practitioner, bodybuilder, charter boat captain, a homeowner, an actor, a politician, a priest ...”
Who do you want to become?:

6. Who do you want to become?

7. What external changes will you need to make to accomplish your Conscious Arc?

The Conscious Arc Imperative:

This is who you absolutely must become in order to obtain the Object of Desire in the physical-world. This is the essential need to become someone different or suffer the pain of your unfulfilled Conscious Desire.

This is the physical-world, not the inner emotional or mental world. It is what can be seen on the outside of us, the tangible (not ambiguous) objects or situations that can be objectively discerned by anyone. We are not including inner values at this point.


“Become a writer that inspires people, become a nurse, become a spiritual practitioner, become a business owner, become a professional athlete, become a yacht owner, become a yoga teacher, become a wife, husband or parent.”

NOT Examples:

“Become a peaceful person, become someone who knows about medicine, become spiritual, become an entrepreneur, excel at sports, become loving, be in love with someone.”

8. It is absolutely imperative that I:

The Conscious Arc Stakes:

What do you stand to gain upon obtaining the Object of Desire or loose if you do not get it. Know what is at stake and allow it to motivate you.


“Gain Externally: income to support my family, the means to travel the world, a soulmate, a skill, a house, success...”

“Gain Internally: a career I love, other will look up to me, emotionally pain free, fulfillment, love, a satisfied life....”

“Loose Externally: Can't support my family, no job I love, no travel, no family, my dreams, hope, everything I want...”

“Loose Internally: self-esteem, my hopes and dreams, the life I want, no soul mate, an unfulfilled life, everything ....”

9. What do you stand to gain? What do you stand to loose?

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