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A Dig session generally lasts one to two hours and can be in person, phone or video chat. If you are interested, please contact me first and let’s chat on the phone.

For multiple sessions, increase the number.

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Robert Bigelow – Dig Coach

With Unconditional Love…

In the “The Dig”, you are the archaeologist and the dig site all in one. You’ll stand on the top (conscious mind) and be guided to uncover the layers hidden beneath you (unconscious mind) by using the power already existing in you (your soul).

As your dig partner, my presence will guide you while holding the sacred space of unconditional love, so you may be free from the fear of judgment by another. This will be one of many opportunities to enjoy the freedom from not having to hold it in.

You will leave the psychological layer of the story about the pain and enter the layer of perceiving your pain as energy. This is where you discover why the pain exists and why it is stuck in your psyche.

Then you can choose; transform the pain into love or hold on to it until ready. No hurry, it’s not going anywhere.

After years of digging through my own layers, guiding someone else has become very intuitive and natural. But please understand, it is not me that holds any power, it is your very own soul opening your mind. I will simply attempt to guide you in that direction, but it will be your journey.

Your desire, large or small, to heal your pain in order to find your soul is the only ingredient you’ll need. Your soul will do the rest. So relax and know that you are unconditionally accepted as one having your own personalized human experience. Unconditional means no conditions.

  • This NOT a therapy session. I have no formal credentials, only experience.
  • A Dig session generally lasts one to two hours. Either in person or Video chat.

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