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This is my father’s first hand account of a supernatural event while in a Ft. Lauderdale condo on the night of October 13, 1994. A spiritual tunnel opened up…

The figures of twelve spiritual beings appeared. Suspended in midair, looking straight at me, they radiated Divine energy that transformed my state of mind into unconditional love. Inside I cried with relief because every human desire was fulfilled and every thought of separation from The Divine left me. I was whole and eternal. I had returned home… “Who’s talking to you?” his girlfriend Martha, a PHD, asked. The first being said “I am Knowledge.” I nicknamed him Knowles– Page 24

The 5 hour out-of-body experience started with being shown his own human spirit as an oval array of millions of light fibers. They transformed him into this spirit and pulled him up out of his body to the edge of a huge chasm. He looked back at his body on the couch and was pulled through the death process to the other side where he was greeted by other human beings in spirit form. Elevating his frequency, he was transcended into a higher dimension.

Upon returning to the couch, the last wave ripped through his soul. They showed him that the human consciousness contained a veil, like a holographic fortress, blocking his experience of the Divine.

“When you understand all I have shown you, you will be who you truly are. This is your task, and when completed, each of the others, in their time will come to you. This is your preparation for what is to come.” – Knowles

The Divine realm closed, leaving the excruciating pain of loss and the struggle to return and achieve the task. Watching my father continue to go through more experiences inspired me to take on the same battle to overcome the limited human consciousness and find the Divine experience for myself. Thank you dad for being such a wonderful father, a spiritual teacher and now for bringing the message of “Divine Presence Rising – A Research Project” to all mankind.

— Christopher Bigelow

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At the age of eleven, Robert Bigelow’s first near-death like experience set the stage for his life’s yearning to return. It has not been an easy road as his biggest enemy was himself. As a former hippie, drugs and alcohol played a large role in his early life. Then he morphed into a travel and adventure junkie, a father and software developer, loving life and all things new. At the age of 23, he was soul-sick because Divine presence had become a distant memory, covered up by the layers of his own life. As his yearning to return consumed him for two weeks, another spiritual event occurred that transformed him from the inside out. The Divine presence showed him how to return but that it would only work when his entire heart and mind wanted it. Falsely perceived and confused by the conditional love of religions, he felt unworthy of Divine presence. He listened to the voices of others that such contact with The Divine is not possible. He went against his own conscious, the voice of Spirit and wholeheartedly settled for religious/spiritual practices instead of presence. It was so much easier because it was tangible. In a few years, the emotional pain of lack of Divine presence fueled the desire to return. Once again, after two weeks of seeking, another near-death like experience emerged, filling his soul with Divine Love. This is when he understood how to return. But, it has not been easy my friend! This life-long pursuit has caused the pain of revealing his ego and humanity, one layer after another and each time they fall away, it feels like a part of him is dying. But there is a tipping point where the perception changes. Since then, these types of experiences happen about every five years with increasing measure of clarity, detail and interaction. He was not given a formula or practice but a genuine state of heart and mind, which turns out, is the key that opens the door to allow The Divine to remove the veil of limited human consciousness. When we experience life beyond our own consciousness, is when we truly see, touch and feel the presence of Divine spirit within us as a reality. With tears of compassion and unconditional love, this is my dream for all of us. Why it has happened to me is still a mystery. I might be wrong, but I just think that this is what mankind is evolving into. Robert Bigelow

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