The Dig Introduction

This is an introduction to The Dig.  It is the first of five sections so you can get a taste.

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Phase One:

Create Sacred Space

  1. Get seated in a comfortable position.
  2. Begin a few moments of relaxation to quiet the mind.
  3. Consider love.
  4. Then Create a Title for this Dig.

1. What is the title for this Dig?

Phase Two:

The Excavation

2. Set your intention. What conflict do you want to Dig?

3. What is the Dramatic Conflict you are experiencing?

4. How does your reaction to the conflict feel?

5. Underneath how you feel, what is more prominent? Fear or Anger?

6. Describe the Fear or Anger?

Once you have isolated the pain from the story, you are ready to move on to Phase Three: The Discovery

7. Describe the pain underneath the Fear or Anger?