The Dig


Self-Discovery is Always the Best:

The dig is a five phase process that creates change through revelation-oriented self-discovery. The Spiritual Archaeologist uses the dig in order to access the power of Divine Love to transform pain into love and false perceptions into clarity.

A Personal Experience

The dig is the personal experience of discovering hidden emotional pain stuck inside ourselves and then transforming the energy of that pain into the energy of love. When this happens, we enjoy the relief from the pain and experience the increased awareness of Divine Love within ourselves. Eventually, experiencing love becomes a way of life.

Because the dig is an experience, any suggested technique to navigate it should be considered like the handrail of a set of stairs. We use the handrail while we are developing our balance, but keep our focus on the experience rather than the technique or practice. We always remember that the power to walk up the stairs is not within the handrail, it is the life-force within the person that supplies the energy to ascend the stairs.

The Intent

The intention of the dig is the personal experience of the Divine Love that exists within us and to become this love in increasing measure. We don’t want to just uncover pain but want to turn the emotional pain into love. No matter our beliefs, spiritual path or life’s circumstances, we can all equally begin this journey by doing one dig at a time.

The removal of the hidden layers of pain and false perceptions begins to reveal an entirely different experience of life, one of peace and love. We begin to feel unconditional love as a way of life rather than reacting to our pain unconsciously. Our thoughts, behaviors and situations begin to change as we are transformed from the inside out.

When each of the five phases of a dig is fully experienced, the result is tremendous and truly inspiring to watch.

When is it Time to Dig? When We:

  • Have a negative reaction to a person or situation.
  • Are aware of a specific emotional pain stuck inside us.
  • Wish to expand our perception into Divine Love’s insight.
  • Desire clarity on which direction to go in a life’s situation.
  • Are stuck in any area of our life.

The Five Phases of a Dig

Phase One: Create Sacred Space:

We start by creating the sacred space of unconditional love. We are careful not to skip this phase because the energy of love opens our hearts and minds which allows our pain to be revealed within the context of compassion. We quiet our minds and relax into knowing that our tool of discovery is the power and unconditional love that emanates from Divine Love with us.

Phase Two: The Excavation:

We continue to relax as we begin asking Divine Love to reveal the next layer that is closest to the surface or to reveal the pain underneath our reaction to something. In this way, we are appealing to our spiritual nature rather than our intellect and thus let go of the illusion of control.

Phase Three: The Discovery:

We wait for the pronounced revelation or epiphany that rises up above our many thoughts and emerges to the forefront of our awareness. In time we begin to recognize the difference between the two different thought processes.

When an internal revelation or epiphany opens our minds, we call this The Discovery, the experience of transparency about ourselves to ourselves. We see our pain or false perception in a new light as if just discovered. This is because the energy behind Divine Love’s revelation causes a change in our psyche, an awakening if you will. It sets our mind to allow for the next phase to begin.



Phase Four: The Shift:

This is the phase where the energy of pain is transformed into the energy of love. Prior to the shift, finding love within our pain is extremely difficult, we see only the pain, fear and anger. We begin asking where is Divine Love in our pain and may be surprised to find we are not perceiving it. We ask for Divine Love to be revealed in the roots of our pain and to open our minds to see our pain through Divine Love’s eyes.

Phase Five: The Treasure:

If all the above is experienced, the treasure is the final phase of the dig. This is where we feel relief from a particular pain and the increased sensation of love and peace. In the beginning, the treasure for us may be fleeting, but by continuing to do digs, it’s longevity and depth increase on a weekly basis. Accumulating these shifts over time transforms the Spiritual Archaeologist into being love. We become the love we seek.

Experiencing the treasure inspires us forward into our next dig, thus repeating the cycle of removing our layers of pain. We call this process:

The Way of
The Spiritual Archaeologist

During A Dig

During the dig, we set aside all judgments of right and wrong, good or bad and replace them with the loving observation of what is. We want to experience the discovery free from our limited and usually incorrect judgments about our pain. There is often both deep tears of discovering our pain and the tears of relief. Both joy and sadness can exist at the same time but the sadness melts away.

We may find it very beneficial to start a dig in the presence of another Spiritual Archaeologist, especially as we are beginning to learn how to navigate through a dig. For many reasons, the presence of others adds the strength of compassion to our digs that helps our pain to surface and transform in a way we’ve not been able to do on our own. We ask Divine Love to find us a compatible dig partner with whom we may be open and keep asking until they appear.

To hold sacred space for each other in non-judgmental support during our digs allows our pain and false perceptions to surface in a way that we are able to face our fears.

To stop a dig prior to completion of all its phases usually results in our need to return to that particular dig at a later time. This is fine and no reason to become agitated or frustrated. We allow layers to surface in their own time and not to worry, our pain won’t be going anywhere.
We who have already experienced digs know how it feels to unearth pain and transform it into love. This creates in us the foundation of compassion. We are willing to hold sacred space for anyone wanting to dig.

The concept of a dig can be applied to any aspect of our lives. We can even do a dig when we feel nothing is wrong, we can simply explore deeper aspects of ourselves and expand our perceptions on anything. The result should always be the same, our expanded awareness and the increased experience of love and peace. There is no right or wrong way to do a dig; there is simply what surfaces in the manner that works for each person individually. We are only presenting suggestions.

The Dig Appeals To Our Spiritual Nature

The dig helps us to appeal to our spiritual nature rather than our intellectual or psychological nature. To awaken Divine Love within us, we must go beyond our own psyche. To learn about spiritual things, we don’t need to be taught, we need to experience.

Our universe is filled with the reflection of Divine Love. If we try to capture it using only our intellect, we create a form of spirituality which our ego believes to be genuine and somewhat complete. But it is only a glimpse.

It is very common to attempt to understand the realm of Divine Love strictly through our rational and intellectual conclusions. While these methods work well in science and physical life, applying the same methodology to the realm of Divine Love brings us to a myriad of false perceptions. Divine Love must reveal itself to us from within. It is known through experience.

We would rather
show you than tell you.

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