You Are Invited To Experience Love

If I hear with my ears, I’ll imagine.
If I see with my eyes, I’ll conceptualize.
If I experience with my soul, I’ll understand.

Experiencing Divine Love is the most profound of human experiences. It is the holy grail of awakening and originates from beyond our human consciousness. Its energy is the life-force inherent within everyone, uniquely reflecting itself as our soul. When we experience the energy of absolute love within us, our hearts melt and we fall in love. It is our reciprocal love that completes the circle.

Hidden in plain sight is the simplest of spiritual insights – we can experience the essence of Divine Love through our soul if we seek with all our heart.  The Spiritual Archaeologist guides us toward this experience and discover that layers of pain and limited perceptions covering our visceral experience of Divine Love.

The Dig” shows us how to heal these layers of emotional pain and limited false perceptions which constrict our experience of the energy of Divine Love within our human consciousness. The Dig becomes a way of life that brings our human consciousness into balance and harmony with our own soul and alignment with Divine Love.

This book was born out of such experiences of Divine Love. It shows us how to live emotionally pain free lives and how to see the presence of Divine Love within our own soul. You are invited to experience Divine Love, to understand the human condition and then fall in love with it all.


Robert “Bodhi” Bigelow & Marcy Heller

You Are Loved Unconditionally

Welcome to The Spiritual Archaeologist.

As you step into the possibility of experiencing Divine Love through the removal of layers of pain and false perceptions, please know that Divine Love is unconditional. No matter what pain or behavior exists in our lives, Divine Love is the sacred space of unconditional love for us, always.

As you step into the possibility of experiencing Divine Love through the removal of the layers of pain and false perceptions, please know that Divine Love is unconditional towards us. No matter what pain or behavior exists in our lives, Divine Love holds the sacred space of unconditional love for us, always.

How Divine Love Responds to Us.

Divine Love’s response to a sincere heart is immediate and causes the universe to conspire with us as it removes every layer that hinders the expression of Divine Love within us.

Divine Love has but one response when we genuinely seek it, it causes itself to be found. It opens our minds and hearts we may see through the eyes of our soul how deep and complete is this love. It causes all our character defects and faults to disintegrate one by one. It can turn a heart of stone into a heart of love.

The Transformative Power of Divine Love.

When genuinely sought, Divine Love causes everything that does not originate from love to disintegrate one by one. Every desire we hold becomes fulfilled through the energy of Divine Love whether we physically receive the manifestations of our desires or not. We awaken to see that our deepest heart’s desire is to return to the fullness of Divine Love as a reality in our lives. It will turn a heart of stone into a heart of love and it holds the power to do so.

The Dig Guides Us.

But let’s start with the layers of emotional pain closest to the surface of our lives. With unconditional love, The Dig guides us down this path to uncover the pains buried underneath our fear, anger, behaviors and reactions to people.

How to See Divine Love.

The reason we have not already seen Divine Love may be a simple eye opening truth – it is because we have not been seeking it nor have we been asking to see it. As humans, we seek a thousand things other than the essence of Divine Love. Getting our heart to fall in love with seeing Divine Love is not the same as devotion to a spiritual path or religion. Our very own consciousness is the issue and it cannot fix itself. That is why we must ask, from beyond the power of our own mind, to see the essence of Divine Love. Love promises a response.

Experiencing our true existence as seen by our own spirit changes how we perceive life itself. Once we experience beyond the human construct into the spiritual realm, we keep the memory and expanded awareness. Now we have a new mission in life, to continue to evolve into the purity of Divine Love while still walking this earth and assist others along the way.

Our Task.

Our task is to ask to genuinely experience the presence of Divine Love within us that we may live a life filled with the presence of love and freedom from emotional pain. When we understand the source of pure love originates from beyond our own minds, then we will let go of the egoic mental illusion that our human minds have the power and capacity to transform itself into Divine Love. We will no longer be concerned about spiritually polishing up our humanity through acts and thoughts that may appear to arise from a genuine spiritual place within us but are actually the mental and emotional attempt to put on the garments of what we think spirituality might look like.

We will rely on the only power in our universe that has the ability to transform us into itself on a soul level from the inside out. The only power with the ability to open our minds, enabling us to experience and feel the presence of Divine Love within our soul. The only power capable of truly transforming our layers of deep emotional pains into the energy of itself, Divine Love.


How to Begin.

Exactly as we are. Regardless of our life’s circumstances, we can begin The Spiritual Archaeologist knowing that all humans are equals in the eyes of Divine Love. None are more worthy of divine connection than another.

The presence of Divine Love may start as a concept in our mind, but as we dig through the layers, concept slowly turns into experience. We discover that our genuine spirituality does not lie within objects or teachings outside ourselves but that the kingdom of Divine Love is the reality that lies within, veiled beneath the limited vision of our human psyche. It is a part of us and the foundation of our physical existence.

Divine Love emanates love regardless of our response. If we have adopted a humanized version of Divine Love that gets angry or punishes us out of disdain for our actions, then this is a limited perception that we should allow love to open our minds to a larger perspective. Otherwise, our own mind blocks us from seeking. Fear will cause the stall of any positive response to love. If we are looking at Divine Love with fear or anger, we are only seeing the reflection of our own pain. If we do a dig on our fear and anger, we will discover that our false perceptions are based on not feeling the presence of love.

So, we turn our focus inward as we start our journey and look toward removing all that hinders the flow of Divine Love.

My ears had heard of Divine Love,
but now I have experienced it.

The Dig

Self-Discovery is Always the Best:

The dig is a five phase process that creates change through revelation-oriented self-discovery. The Spiritual Archaeologist uses the dig in order to access the power of Divine Love to transform pain into love and false perceptions into clarity.

A Personal Experience

The dig is the personal experience of discovering hidden emotional pain stuck inside ourselves and then transforming the energy of that pain into the energy of love. When this happens, we enjoy the relief from the pain and experience the increased awareness of Divine Love within ourselves. Eventually, experiencing love becomes a way of life.

Because the dig is an experience, any suggested technique to navigate it should be considered like the handrail of a set of stairs. We use the handrail while we are developing our balance, but keep our focus on the experience rather than the technique or practice. We always remember that the power to walk up the stairs is not within the handrail, it is the life-force within the person that supplies the energy to ascend the stairs.

The Intent

The intention of the dig is the personal experience of the Divine Love that exists within us and to become this love in increasing measure. We don’t want to just uncover pain but want to turn the emotional pain into love. No matter our beliefs, spiritual path or life’s circumstances, we can all equally begin this journey by doing one dig at a time.

The removal of the hidden layers of pain and false perceptions begins to reveal an entirely different experience of life, one of peace and love. We begin to feel unconditional love as a way of life rather than reacting to our pain unconsciously. Our thoughts, behaviors and situations begin to change as we are transformed from the inside out.

When each of the five phases of a dig is fully experienced, the result is tremendous and truly inspiring to watch.

When is it Time to Dig? When We:

  • Have a negative reaction to a person or situation.
  • Are aware of a specific emotional pain stuck inside us.
  • Wish to expand our perception into Divine Love’s insight.
  • Desire clarity on which direction to go in a life’s situation.
  • Are stuck in any area of our life.

Dig Partners

Until such time when the Divine Love can become our conscious dig partner, we will need another person to fill that role. We use the term dig partner purposely as opposed to mentor, leader, guru, teacher or any one of the many similar roles a person can play in our lives. Dig partners are not responsible for our transformation nor should they feel that type of pressure, as if they need to say just the right thing to make a difference.

A Spiritual Archaeologist dig partner’s primary purpose is to hold sacred space for another during their dig and to be a non-judgmental set of ears. In a group setting, we all become dig partners for the one who is currently doing a dig. As we take on this role, we are relieved of the responsibility of fixing another. Instead, we sustain the important role of holding the energy of sacred space and Unconditional love for another.

Dig partners withhold all feedback during the first three phases and only offer input when requested. Thus we learn to trust the Divine Love within each other to be our truest guide, allowing for further understanding to unfold within love’s time.


When two go walking the other can help him up.
Whoever walks alone has no-one to help him up.
The Divine strand of three cords is not easily broken.

The Spiritual Archaeologist

With unconditional love as our tool, we Dig through layers of pain and false perceptions to discover Divine Love is within us.


$18.95 US

The Spiritual Archaeologist

With unconditional love as our tool, we Dig through layers of pain and false perceptions to discover Divine Love is within us.

$18.95 US