Robert Bigelow – CRRA

Recovery: As a hippie back in the day, drugs leading to addiction broke ground in our society, of which I participated. But discovering spiritual awakenings through meditation in 1974 organically led to long periods of sobriety, with intermittent drinking. Then in 2000, I discovered that my brain was wired to respond euphorically to hops. Checking myself into sober living, I experienced a transformation because I wanted it. With many years sponsoring men in AA, my focus has shifted to mentoring others toward the self-discovery of their authentic and spiritual self.

Spirituality: Beginning with my first near-death-like experience at 11, or white-light experience as Bill Wilson refers to it, created an unrelenting desire to seek authentic experiences and the willingness to remove the things in my psyche that stands in the way. Peeling away the layers of emotional pain exposed my authentic-self and my very soul… in ever increasing measure. Writing The Spiritual Archaeologist book helped my clarify a method for healing the emotional pains that exist in all of us.

Work: Software and website development consultant since 1983. Semi-retired from consulting.

Adventures: Water skiing, skin diving, high-diving, trampoline, Taekwondo, Aikido, MMA, snow skiing the Rockies, hiking the Smokies, rock climbing, white-water rafting, canoeing, camping, wilderness survival, mountain man for 1 year, leather crafting, motorcycles, hitch-hiked 30,000+ miles (70’s), NYC professional dancer (not Chippendales lol), boating & live-aboard yachting, Bahama-Abaco-Exuma Islands, fly/deep sea fishing, hunting/tracking (70’s only), guitar, harmonica, spiritual & religious studies, travel exploration, dune-buggy, movie enthusiast, script writing… But the greatest adventure is the human mind transforming from one state of consciousness into another.

Bucket List: Hmmm… Not much left, I’ll have to think about this.

Robert "Bodhi" Bigelow Coach - The Spiritual Archaeologist