Become a Visionary

What is a Dreamer?

Anyone who can imagine a specific dream.

What is a Visionary?

Anyone who turns their dream into reality.

We are know as dreamers until our dreams become reality.
Then we are know as visionaries.

What Do You Want?

Think of your dream and ask yourself “What’s at Stake? What do I stand to gain and what do I stand to loose?” If the answer is compelling enough to allow yourself to be coached through The Journey Map, then the probability is that you will become the hero of your own story.

What’s the Payoff?

You get what you want! You’ll find the money to manifest your dream. You’ll become an elevated version of yourself as you experience the “Character Arc.” And, if you’re journey is watchable, you’ll get to see it become a movie and inspire others. Then, you’ll get to do it all over again with your next dream.

The Journey Map

As a coach guides you through the 24 plot points of the Journey Map, you will respond to each of the plot point’s questions both with text and a 3-5 minute video. You will see yourself from outside yourself which re-frames your perspective. This process of self-discovery is what causes you to experience the “Character Arc” and become an elevated version of yourself, whether you achieve your dream or abandon it for another.

You are the character of your own story. We encourage you to honestly expresses your heart and mind at each plot point. You already know this, but your openness will cause the audience to embrace you and this is what makes you “watchable”.

Your Journey Map can be private or public.  Only public Journey Maps are eligible for Dream Grants.

The Hero’s Story

When we are in pursuit of a dream, attaining that dream becomes our primary focus.  However, when we are watching a movie of someone pursuing their dream, it is the journey of self-realization that draws us in, not the destination.

VoteMyDream would like to redefine “The Hero” as one who intentionally accomplishes self-transformation while pursuing their dream and allows the attainment of the dream to be the by-product of the Character Arc.

At the completion of your Journey Map, you will have accumulated twenty-four 3-5 minute videos that encapsulate your entire journey. This equates into a 1-2 hour movie of your journey towards your dream. Public Journey Maps videos will be posted on our website and social media channels.

Dream Grants

Grants are awarded to the next top ranked visionary. We take a resonable percentage from our monthly income to fund the Dream Grant.

5 Categories of Eligibility:

  1. Votes: Minimum 20 votes.
  2. Profile Completion: Self explanatory.
  3. Journey Map Progress: First 15 plot points with text and video.
  4. Sponsorship: Minimum 1 sponsor.
  5. Active monthly membership.

As you progressively complete of each of these, your eligibility percentage goes up. The highest ranked Visionary is the next in line for a Dream Grant.


One way to gauge your popularity is through votes. People can quickly register to vote for your Dream Profile. Your profile will continue to accumulate votes from your own efforts, the general public browsing and from our posting your videos throughout the internet.

We suggest that prior to spreading the word about your Journey Map, that you complete at least the first 3 plot points with both text and video. Then you’ll have interesting content to share on social media.

Only 20 votes gets you to 100% eligibility in the voting category but there are no limits to the amount of votes you can get. Votes is one way we guage popularity and this comes into play as your story is considered for a movie.

Journey Map Coaching

The Journey Map is designed to interact online with a coach through our internal messaging system where you can choose to make each message visible to the public or only to your coach. If both you and the coach choose to communicate directly through another venue, that is perfectly fine with us. Coaching fees come out of your initial sign-up fees.

We hope to be able to effectively guide you through the entire Journey Map within an approximate time frame of 1-2 hours of the coach’s time. If you desire more intense work with your coach, that can be arranged.

The coach is there to guide you through the Journey Map, navigating and understanding the questions, clarifying your responses and help you discover the things that are currently hidden from yourself.

To be clear, they are not there for psychological or mental health issues or business advice.

Videos and Social Media

Your profile video and Journey Map videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, Facebook page and other social media platforms. You can link to, share or embed these video into other platforms of your choice. You can find links to the videos we post on your profile page.

Please retain all original videos yourself because once we process your video we delete the original upload.


We encourage Visionaries to attempt to find sponsorship through your sphere of influence. We will also be attacting sponsors to our website and your profile through our marketing stategy of posting your videos on Social Media site and providing an attractive program to further their own interests through our website. As we bring on sponsors, we will help pair them with our Visionaries.

Qualifications to be a Visionary

A person who has a specific dream they wish to pursue through VoteMyDream and reflects this on their profile.
Visionaries must comply with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.