Spiritual Archaeologist Groups

The Importance of Being In A Group

The presence of other Spiritual Archaeologists aids us in experiencing compassion and unconditional love until we clear ourselves enough to begin sourcing it from Divine Love within ourselves.

Their compassion and commitment to their own Digging creates a genuine intimate bond between us and an environment perfectly crafted for our pains to surface. The changes in their lives make us aware that we too can change.

When two go walking the other can help him up.
Whoever walks alone has no-one to help him up.
The Divine strand of three cords is not easily broken.

We are cut from the same cloth of Divine Love woven into human form. We are like the broken clay pot containing that incredible treasure. Seeing others work their Dig opens our eyes to realize that we too can awaken and remove our layers of pain and false perceptions. Our new friends create the environment for us to transform into Love and accept us as we are in the moment, knowing we will not remain that way. The more experienced inspire and help the less experienced.

The Spiritual Archaeologist becomes a possibility for others.

The Art Of Learning How To Dig

Turning Practice Into Experience

Would-be archaeologists must go through the learning process of how to excavate an archaeological site and analyze their discovery. Then the student must get experience digging, allowing themselves to learn from others who have gone before them. Without the actual experience of working on a dig site, it’s all conceptual for the student.

Experience turns concept into knowing

The Way Of The Spiritual Archaeologist is similar except that we are the Sacred Site. With unconditional love and great care, we unearth our layers of pain and false perceptions to Discover Divine Love within ourselves. Teaching is all around us but to truly know, we must make a decision to commit to the processes of learning until it becomes experiential knowledge. No short cuts, it takes consistency and time.

The intellect enables us to learn.
The Spirit enables us to remember.

We start by learning the basic guidelines for a Dig. Then we practice with others while allowing the experiences of the group to teach us. As we hold Sacred Space for each other, we observe our companions as they go through their own Dig and we learn through their experiences. Seeing common sticky points in their Digs, we realize we need not fret about ours, for everything we experience is common to mankind.

Participating in a group allows us to witness The Shift in the energy of others and the change in their daily life.


This gives us hope for ourselves

The Art Of Teaching Others To Dig

Turning Experience Into Teaching

We can only teach what we know and only to someone who has agreed to learn. When someone is receptive, teaching transform into learning.

When the student is ready,
the teacher, who is already there, is found.

As Spiritual Archaeologists we become like the honey, the sweet nectar of a life transformed into Love and peace. We teach through our lives and when asked, we speak into the life of another with care and compassion. They already have a teacher and mentor, the Divine Love within them. We honor this because we have come to experience Divine Love as the true teacher within ourselves.

There are a few ways we can teach others to Dig:

  • Through allowing them to witness our own Digs.
  • Through holding Sacred Space for them while they Dig.
  • By inspiring them to rely on Divine Love to open their minds rather than just on intellectual or psychological conclusions.

There is a valued place in the world for every form of teaching. But The Dig trains people to receive answers to their pains by calling on the Spirit of Divine Love within themselves. Not only to just open their mind beyond what they have been able to see in the past through psychological or intellectual conclusions, but to transform the pain into Love.

Personalizing A Group

Making it Your Own

The Way Of The Spiritual Archaeologist is designed to be incorporated within any spiritual practice or religious belief. These writings are not a declaration of any doctrinal beliefs or creeds, therefore, anyone is free to personalize all the aspects of The Spiritual Archaeologist and frame it within their own personal belief system.

The Spiritual Archaeologist may substitute words or phrases from this publication into the spiritual language they relate to most. Where we say Divine Love, you may feel free to substitute the concept you hold most dearest to your heart.

The primary goal of The Dig is to simply encourage a person to use the Divine Love within to surface and remove any layers of pains and false perceptions that exist, even amidst the most genuinely spiritual or religious persons. Whatever one’s faith, we only encourage its growth through whatever Divine Love may reveal to you personally.

We encourage birds of a feather to flock together

The Spiritual Archaeologist holds all mankind as equals on this planet regardless of beliefs. We are nature and wish to exists within the balance and harmony that nature exudes.

The Dig Group is yours. If you wish to have a private Dig that only includes people who speak the same spiritual language, we do not consider this negative or exclusive. We hope many groups of like-minded people will come together in Love and compassion.

How To Start A Group


The one or more persons wishing to start a Dig Group have already read “The Way Of The Spiritual Archaeologist” book and were stirred towards engaging in their own Digs. One needs enough motivation to go through the startup phase of a group.

The primary purpose for anyone to start a Dig Group should be to bring together the few people necessary to begin experiencing our own Digs. We should not yet be thinking of changing others. This is most ideal and with this intent in place, the person will not be distracted by conflicting agendas and will find success in their own life.

As we remove the plank from our own eye,
we begin to see clearly how to remove the spec
from our friend’s eye.

Having the correct motivation, we simply begin in the condition we find ourselves at this moment in time. Our lives could be a total mess, we do not need to clean up prior to starting a group, for it is the very purpose of the group to do that work.

We do not need to become its most awesome leader either. Everyone is best served if we simply have the genuine heart of change for ourselves and compassion for others attempting the same. We already have a leader and that is the Divine Love in each of us, we just need to open to it. Everything has a way of working out under such an umbrella.

Finding People To Dig With:

The way for us to find people to Dig with is to first relinquish the illusion of control and the false perception that we can determine who should be a part of our new group.

We ask Divine Love to arrange those who would be best served within our particular group. This removes the false sense of responsibility of being in control of what others should choose to do.

Now that we have let go, the next step is to allow whatever time necessary to arrange for others to emerge, as if being sent from a force outside ourselves. As we are prompted to speak to someone, we simply share in a genuine way that we have begun practicing The Way Of the Spiritual Archaeologist and are looking for others wanting the same.

Those who’s hearts are touched and motivated will join us and such people will add the wonderful quality of sincerity to the group.

Only Three Requirements:

  1. At least one person committed to practicing the Journey Map & The Dig found within “The Spiritual Archaeologist” program.
    1. One person can start a group, but a few friends beginning together is optimal.
  2. A place to meet consistently:
    1. Can be anywhere, a park, a house, office or public facility with permission if appropriate.
    2. Weekly meetings with members getting together in-between will be most effective.
  3. Use the outline of questions with each other from The Journey Map and The Dig.


  • NO dues/fees paid to The Spiritual Archaeologist by the group.
  • Attending a group should be free, no admission fee.
    • Any donations are only to offset costs, no profiting please so that we keep the group’s intention pure.
  • If a group outgrows a facility, find a larger meeting place.
  • If a group grows to have too many people, this is a good thing.
    • Simply split into two groups or find larger accomodations.
  • Books are purchased by the indiviuals through the website.
  • Resolve any disputes quickly, do not allow the emergence of Divine Love to be thwarted by our human desires, fear or anger.