The Journey Map

The Journey Map

Each Journey Map focuses on one segment of your life and guides you into the transformation from one state of Mind (Consciousness) into another. We call this the “Arc”.

There are three uniquely identified levels of Arcs:

1. The Conscious Arc (Conscious Mind)
2. The Unconscious Arc (Unconscious Mind)
3. The Spiritual Arc (Divine Mind)

For The Spiritual Archaeologist, the profound shift in perception naturally results when the energy of Divine Love begins to reveal itself within our Conscious and Unconscious Mind. We awaken as the presence of Divine Love permeates the corners of our mind in the same way the energy of light transforms a dark room, by its presence. This fundamentally changes us, how we think, how we react and how we act. The Spiritual Archaeologist, compassionately offers up this possibility for anyone regardless of one’s current state of mind or beliefs.

The reason this works is because everything flowing through our Conscious Mind exists as energy first. Then our brain does its job and translates this energy into the human language of “thought”. Whatever exists within that energy gets translated into thought. Whatever is missing does not enter our Conscious Mind. If we do not bring Divine Consciousness into our consciousness, it simply will not flow out of us in word or deed.

It is not what mankind is thinking and doing that perpetuate human suffering. At its root, it is the spectrum of Divine Love that is lacking from the Conscious Mind of mankind. Without the presence of the energy and thoughts of Divine Mind, we are governed by the energy within our layers of emotional pain, false perceptions and unfulfilled human desires.

This is important because unconsciously, we live in a reactionary state of being based upon the conclusions of our Conscious Mind and the unknown energies withing our Unconscious Mind. Our internal reactions subsequently become externally manifest as words and actions within the physical-realm.
The Journey Map seeks to invoke deep shifts in perception at the energetic level, prior to thought and action. As we work through the questions of the Journey Map, we are not just answering questions, we are waiting for the “The Shift” in perception regarding the question.

We seek to uncover the energetic resonance of The Divine Mind previously buried within us under our layers by genuinely asking it to rise up into and transform our Conscious and Unconscious Mind. The splendor of Divine Love as a real presence within our consciousness opens our mind and begins to energetically fulfill all we lack and desire.

For the sake of clarity, we are not referring to emotional experiences or conceptual awareness. We are talking about experiencing the personally crafted internal responses from The Divine that open our minds toward the ever increasing awareness of its presence within us. As a side benefit to our mortal lives, Divine presence slowly and gently dissolves all our layers of pain and false perceptions through unconditional love.

The Journey Map begins at the Conscious Mind level, but it is designed to ultimately invoke the mutual and genuine experience of loving union for both The Divine and you.

While all three levels are blended together as one within the human being, they do contain their own unique states of consciousness and are built one upon the other. We will consider these as layers of awareness, containing their own energetic resonance.

The Journey Map starts at the Conscious Layer then moves your through the Unconscious Layer into the Divine Layer. You will begin each Journey Map by identifying one of your Conscious Desires to focus on, no matter what it is. What do you want? This is something you are consciously aware of that you desire to obtain to see happen.

You will dig down into your Unconscious Mind and unearth the layers of emotional pain, false perceptions and human desires that block the fulfillment of your desire. These are the layers you are not conscious of and create the “Dramatic Conflicts” (negative reactions) you experience through seemingly “Opposing Forces” to getting what you want.

This is “The Rub”. When we encounter conflict, our reactions reveal our unconscious pain and false perceptions.

The Dig helps us resolve these conflicts by healing the hidden pains and false perceptions. When we experience the deep psychic change of gaining a new perspective, the Journey Map is complete and we can start the next one.
Once the Journey Map is understood through experience, it becomes a predictive tool that sheds light on our next Arc, causing us to pass through conflicts with the speed and clarity of a higher purpose.

The Journey Map is holistic because it encompasses our Body (physical world), Mind (mental and emotional realm) and Spirit (Spiritual realm). We experience The Arc on each of these three levels as we learn how to synchronize our entire being to work in perfect harmony to draw the source energy of Divine Love into our Conscious Mind.

In the meantime, we adapt the mindset that we are humans evolving toward a greater connection with The Divine who loves us unconditionally. For Unconditional love (no conditions or judgment) fosters self-discovery. The Journey Map guides you to use this energy toward the attainment of your outer desires while opening your mind to awaken to your inner desires and ultimately to facilitate your Spiritual Arc.

With the Sacred Space of unconditional love, we begin exactly as we are. The gravity of love draws us towards itself, caring not who we’ve been, only who we’re becoming. Love desires to transform us into itself and the Journey Map will guide you through this.

Find a Partner and help each other navigate the Journey map and go through The Dig.

We would rather show you than tell you.

It’s time to begin your Journey Map.

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